MONSTERS Lost & Found … (No. 44)

Posted by on 24. Juni 2011

Stalin's private toilet ...

Stalin's train

... in his Saloon Car ...

Stalin in Tbilisi

.. he still in Tbilisi (Georgia)

The Russian dictator boarded an airplane almost never. Not secure enough – and how could something fly which was heavier than air? Stalin travelled by train, had his own green saloon car, a legend in his time, and after his death in 1953 and the end of the Soviet Union this luxury transport tool disappeared and surfaced in Tbilisi, the capital of the Caucasian republic of Georgia. And inside I could live up to my dream to see (touch, sit on, use, flush?) Stalin’s loo, the rare place where he was alone and just a human being. Look at the photo – disappointed? Yes, a bit. Western three star hotels of the Fifties had crapping places like that in their rooms. But the wood of the u-shaped (!) toilet seat (with a yellow stain!) is rare, massive and polished, there is ample space and – well, „Stalin sat here“! By the way: In this saloon car he went to Yalta and Potsdam for the conferences to re-organize Europe after the Nazi defeat and never used public toilets

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