BUILDINGS Lost & Found … (No. 40)

Posted by on 29. Juni 2011
Iquitos Map

Iquitos? Start in Manaus and travel some 1000 miles west ...

Iron House

... and Gustave Eiffel's Iron House

Look for Iquitos in Peru. West of Manaus in the Amazone basin. There is no road to Iquitos, they say it’s the most populous city in the world (400 000 inhabitants) that can be reached by plane or boat only! There you find one of the ridiculous beauties, created by man: The Iron House. Build in 1889 by the French architect Gustave Eiffel for the World Exibition in Paris, transported in practical pieces up the Amazone and some other rivers to Iquitos and there it is. It looks like a market hall but contains offices. In the heat it feels like a grill, in the rainy season it rusts. But termites don’t like it, that’s great. Who came up with this crazy idea (hardly less crazy than his Eiffel Tower in Paris)? The rubber barons, unbelievable rich, until somebode stole a seed and opened rubber plantations in the more accessible Malaya. But the Iron House has survived the rubber boom. A horizontal Eiffel tower, so to speak …

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