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Look What I saw In Zimbabwe!

Posted by on 21. Januar 2018

Links NO, rechts YES ...

I COULDN’T BELIEVE MY EYES – and the flash of an idea poisened my brain: Is it anti-african to show it here? In a „white“ blog? Well, I came to the conclusion that you might see such an hilarious toilet advice even in Lower Bavaria (Germany) or in Gurky Corner (Wisconsin/USA). This one here I discovered in Bulawayo, a beautiful town in the southwestern part of Zimbabwe. It’s fixed to a public toilet and I tell you frankly, that I have seen toilets in Asia, Europe and America which I used exactly like it shouldn’t be used!!! Because it was the only way not to soil me from head to toe by the „leftovers“ of previous users. And is the traditional Middle East toilet not a simple tiled hole in the ground? And is therefore the illegal position on the rim of the bowl not a very clever compromise with „western“ technology? No, it’s not, says the city, owner of this public luxury. Which was clean as a bride’s veil and I had a great time using it …

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