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LITERATURE Lost & Found (No. 63)

Posted by on 22. Oktober 2012
Mikhail Koltsov

Soviet writer Koltsov, lover of a monster ...

Of course, you know Ernest Hemingway’s novel of the Spanish Civil War „For Whom the Bell Tolls“. You have probably seen the movie with Gary Cooper and Ingrid Bergman, Hollywood made after the book. Then you have encountered the Russian war correspondent (for the party paper „Pravda“) and Soviet spy Karpov, not a very sympathetic figure, to say the least. Hemingway knew Karpov very well, but under the name Mikhail Koltsov (1898-1940 or 1942), a key figure of the Soviet intellectual elite and arguably the most famous journalist in the USSR and described his experiences in „The Spanish Diary“, which was published in 1938. In the same year, Koltsov was arrested and shot on charges of anti-Soviet activities. And now comes the hook: Koltsov was the lover of the bi-sexual Nikolai Yezhov the Horrible. Stalin’s head of the Secret Police NKWD. Organizer of the „Great Purge“ (1936-1938). Yezhov arrested 1,3 million people (99,99 % innocent), had 750 000 killed, filled the Gulag with 685 000 poor creatures (140 000 perished). And when Yezhov had finished his unbelievable cruelties, he was executed himself  in 1940 – by the legendary Blokhin, whom you will find in my Blog too. His lover Koltsov was shot either simultaneously or a bit later …

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