ODDITY Let’s Get Personal … (No. 7)

Posted by on 4. März 2011
Duwisib Castle Namibia

Duwisib Castle, now a museum of German megalomania ...

There is nothing but dunes and stony hills. Bare country Namibia. Hot and dry. Hardly a green spot. And then you drive around a corner – and there it is: Duwisib Castle. Some of you, I’m sure, have seen it. A granduncle of mine, the crazy imperial officer Hansheinrich von Wolff, built it in 1908. Why? He ist long dead now and with him the answer. But since there is a „Rittersaal“ (Hall of the Knights) inside, he must have been haunted by medieval romanticism. It is a beautiful romanesque replica, made of red sandstone. With a shady courtyard and a deep wine cellar. It was a playground of my childhood but my family presented it 1964 to the goverment in Windhoek as a donation for the new independence. But Jochen, our old foreman, still takes care of it, runs the guesthouse on the hill behind and serves the food his wife cooks.

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