ANCESTORS Let’s Get Personal … (No. 5)

Posted by on 2. Juni 2011
Theodor Thorer

My grandfather with his suppliers in Afghanistan ...

This is a treasured painting in my family and has a funny title: „Grandfather Theodor in the company of his suppliers“. He is the one in the three piece suit and hat, naturally. The „Suppliers“ were turbans and cloaks. The location might be Herat in Afghanistan. The year 1895. Grandfather did something revolutionary: He bought two caracul lambs, brought them to German South West Africa (Namibia today) and founded the fur industry there, specialising in Astrakhan, Persianer, Breitschwanz, Karakul or however you call this type of sheepskin. When I took a replica of the painting to Herat 100 years later, some old men claimed to remember this „Faranghi“ they never saw without hat and tie. So they said. I doubt their memory but the Afghans are polite people and I became an honoured guest because of  my grandfather Theodor Thorer

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