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SEX Let’s Get Personal … (No. 14)

Posted by on 30. April 2011
Munich Brothel

A typical room in a Munich brothel ...

On a recent rainy day I had trouble with my laptop but I found „Savoy Online Consulting“ in the directory. The telephone was permanently busy, but the adress was round the corner, so I took my laptop and drove there. A nice yellow villa, typical outskirtish, I must say, with a car repair in the basement, and the rest was occupied (and advertised on large posters) by the „Savoy Online Consulting“. „Funny name“, I thought but it was too late. After I rang, a granny in underwear appeared, well beyond 60, introduced herself as „Daggy“ and asked me an enormous question: „Have you booked the three-hour-education?“ Education? „No“, I said, „I have an impotent laptop.“ The door landed in my face, I heard angry shouts from inside and left. Well, sometime it pays to be stupid. Intellegent people live less adventurous. You care for the adress and the charge? Munich-Pasing, Planegger Str. 121, and 50 Euro/hour.

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