CLUBS Let‘s Get Personal … (No. 14)

Posted by on 7. April 2012
Explorers Club

The membership document and me ...


... on the Wusuwameso (4462 m), looking at the Ruwenzori (5109 m or 16 61 ft), my next ascend

It is the Club of the astronauts and deepsea divers, the speleologists and tribal explorers, the people on the glaciers, in the jungles and of the mountains. You have to have two celebrities to recommend you and then you have to tell the president why he should grant you the membership. In my case Heinrich Harrer and Thor Heyerdahl vouched for me and I was able to tell the board about my co-discovery of a small turquoise-coloured lake high up in the Ruwenzori Mountains in Zaire and my rediscovery of an antelope called „Nigrifrons“ (nice animal with a black forehead), believed to be extinct. They elected me, the clubhouse in New York is my second home and the annual dinner in March, taking place in the „Grand Ballroom“ of the „Waldorf-Astoria Hotel“ is a gathering of the really important society of the world …

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