LANDMARKS The Nice Advice … (No. 69)

Posted by on 5. Oktober 2012
Tesla Building

The skyscraper from outside ...

Tesla Building

... an Art Deco detail of the facade ...

Tesla Building

... and a decoration in the lobby

There is hardly a Leonid Trotter McGill story by this wonderful author Walter Mosley in which he doesn’t sing the praise of the „Tesla“, „the most beautiful Art Deco building in the world.“ The problem is: There is no New Yorker skyscraper called „The Tesla Building“. But – there is a building on whose uppermost floor the celebrated physicist, inventor and genius Nikola Tesla (1856-1943) spent his last 10 years, in near-seclusion in Suite 3327 and it stands at 481 8th Avenue (between W34 and W35). Until 1972 it was the hotel „New Yorker“, then it became an apartment house and Mosley’s detective McGill cheated himself into an office on the 17th floor (fiction, folks, fiction!), and this gives Mosley the chance, again and again, to mention the buildings Art deco treasures. The Set Card of the „Tesla“: Architects Sugarman & Berger, date 1930, 43 floors, constructed with a three-story limestone base and a set-back tower of brown brick.

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