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Lake Chad is vanishing …

Posted by on 10. Dezember 2017

The map of „The New Yorker“ demonstrates the situation dramatically ...

THIS LAKE WAS ONCE THE SOURCE OF LIFE FOR MILLIONS! With 22 600 sqkm it was bigger than Israel or Slovenija, four times bigger than Lake Albert and bordering the states Niger, Nigeria, Cameroon and Chad. And now? Lake Chad has shrunk by ca. 95 %!!! The northern basin is desert now, part of the Sahel Zone of the Sahara. It started in the 1970s, nobody knows why, and presently the dozens of inhabited island are rapidly becoming more like dunes. About a 100 00 people once existed there, but the goverment forced what’s left of them (ca. 55 000) to leave their traditional habitats. But since these tribes were robbers by tradition, nobody living on the mainland (so to speak) wants them. So they are poorly reorganized in camps in the hot Nowhere – right in the desert. Their cattle herds die, water is scarce, food almost non-existent – and nobody cares! They are dying by the thousands, and the disappearance of Lake Chad will change a significant part of Central Africa. The world isn’t aware what’s happening on the shores of what was 40 years ago a vast water basin, with navigation from country to country, trading routes by boat, fertile land and a never ending source of water. Look at the splendid map, La Tigre made für „The New Yorker“: The green indicates the former size of Lake Chad, the blue is the actual status.

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