Jump The Lines in Florence!

Posted by on 22. Oktober 2018

That's the FIRENZECARD ...IT LOOKS LIKE A CREDITCARD, it’s red, expensive – and very comfortable! The FIRENZECARD is issued by the Segnoria, the town council, and if you got it, it allows you the visit all that’s worth seeing for free. But that’s not the point, because the card costs 85 Euro and you wouldn’t pay more by entering with the regular tickets. BUT – having the card you are allowed to jump the waiting lines, and they are the pest of the visitors in Florence!!! It can happen that you stand in line over an hour at the doors of the Uffizi. With the card you enter at your own will. 85 Euro (= app. US$ 95) is a fat amount of money and the card is valid 72 hours only. But it safes you precious time – and probably the whole visit. And don’t be impressed by the protests of the people in the waiting lines, just show them the little red miracle card

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