JEWELLERY Collectors Corner … (No. 41)

Posted by on 12. November 2012

Finbarr Corrigan, the amber fisher ...


... and his shop in Binz on the German island of Rügen

There’s an island in the Baltic Sea which belongs to Germany and is called Rügen. On the island is a coastal village called Binz (pronounced „Binns“). There lives an Irishman who followed his love in the early 90s to Rügen and started an amber business: He fishes the petrified tree gum from the sea, refines it in his workshop and sells the most beautiful examples of golden fossils. You get chunks as big as a fist, and the most expensive are naturally those with a buried insect inside. His adress: Paulstraße 1 in Binz. Oh, by the way: Corrigan wouldn’t be Irish, if he hadn’t found a way to combine a hearty drink with his trade – he puts small pieces of amber into wodka bottles, after six month the amber is dissolved and the wodka has adopted a very special, „very dainty“ taste, says Corrigan.

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