ISLANDS The news To Use … (No. 23)

Posted by on 6. November 2012

Here you have John Lennon's Dorninish Island ...


... and this is Inish Turk Beg Island

I might well by crazy about islands. True – I would love to own one. But wouldn’t you and you and you? Just look an the island I show you here, the one which is shaped like a Gothic E. It is Dorninish, belonged once to the Beatle John Lennon and went on sale 2012 for 300 000 Euro or ca. 350 000 US$. A nice place off the east coast of Ireland, in the Clew Bay (County Mayo). Lennon bought it in 1967 for a ridiculous price: 1700 Pound or roughly 6000 US$ then. Now the family asked for 60 times more, and that’s still cheap! Cheaper at least than anywhere else on earth for an island of this size and closeness to the coast. With sweet water, harbor and no people to evict. But in case you don’t like the strange shape of the island and prefer an island which caters better to your imagination, there is a solution nearby: Inish Turk Beg island for instance. Just have a look: fully developed, frosted, hilly and round. The last price tag I knew about was 2,85 million Pound or about 3,1 million Euro or 3,5 million US$. That’s a bit stiffer than the price of John Lennon’s island. But still … – to be king on a piece of land without neighbors, that’s a fine prospect …

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