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ISLANDS Oh, What A Shame … (No. 14)

Posted by on 16. September 2012


Look at this country, full of islands ...

Yes, Greece is bancrupt. In the so called „Euro Crisis“ this European republic (one of the oldest) was the first to declare herself unable to pay even the salaries of the public servants. No problem, some critics said, Greece got ca. 6000 islands, they could make a fortune by selling some. No. it’s forbidden. The constitution states that no goverment owned island (and that’s more or less 99,9 %) can’t be sold to a foreigner or a foreign power. There are private Greek island, like the Onassis island of Skorpios, but officially no non-Greek is able to buy one. Now the situation has changed slightly: In the midst of the worst crisis the goverment in Athens considered to lease 560 islands for 40 to 50 years to all interested persons. For a couple of million Euros or US$. The first vultures are circling in the skies over Greece. No, not vultures – Birds of Paradise, is a better term …

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