ISLANDS Never Heard Of Cavallo? Read This!

Posted by on 28. August 2014

That's how Cavallo looks from the air ...


... that‘s the location between Corsica and Sardegna ...


... and look at these amazing beaches!

In the 1970s Cavallo was a hotspot – but not for long. You know how the Jetset is: easily bored, because they are egocentrics, not really interested in where they land. Cavallo, a tiny island between Corsica (France) and Sardegna (Italy) was lost again and the few inhabitants cheered. There were French movistars who bought land and built chalets. Some still live there, but just the romantics. Because you can’s get much on this island, almost everything has to be flown in. But look at the beaches! South Sea along the Mediterranian! Unspoiled and deserted (if you avoid the yacht people). Cavallo is lush and green, has great landscapes of undisturbed nature and if you know that the great Corsica is relatively undiscovered by mass tourisme, then the small Cavallo is the undiscovered part of Corsica. Well, the best way indeed is to come by boat, but very few get the chance. I suggest a trip from Bonifacio, the next town on Corsica, it’s real island hopping. Oh, by the way, I almost forgot: When I landed a couple of weeks ago, I encountered the great Catherine Deneuve. She loves Cavallo …

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