INVITATIONS The Nice Advice … (No. 66)

Posted by on 4. Juli 2012
Kapoor Invitation

This was the invitation of a Bollywood star for the 5th birthday of his daughter ...

Kapoor Invitation

... and that's how somebody in New York invited to a party!

I confess: I have never seen anything like that! I didn’t even know that there are people, able and willing to produce invitations like that! Three dimensional ones, popping up, painted, stitched, filled with anything you want (besides the regular paper documents), even flowers. I just got an invitation for a wedding which looks like the bronze plaque on a public monument in Washington D. C. Who creates invitations like that? The real artists of this world, the Indians in India. Ravish Kapoor is the top name and I strongly recommend a look into his website: This guy is even prepared to send the invitation (made of paper, carton, silk, metal, plastic) you want worldwide, in the worst case in containers if you order some hundreds. I suspect that it is impossible to throw away the Kapoor invitations, and some will after a while pop up at eBay. Just have a look at the two illustrations of this blog …

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