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CAPE VERDE Interesting People … (No. 8)

Posted by on 7. Mai 2012
Mt. Fogo

Miguel Montrond and I on the vulcano Fogo ...

On the island of Fogo (Cape Verde Islands) lies an active volcano by the name of Fogo looking like the Fujiyama in Japan. Every afternoon an 4 p. m. it whistles, ruttles and steam escapes its flank and in 1995 there was a big eruption throwing a third of the mountain into the Atlantic ocean. In the shadow of Mt. Fogo is a village where they speak French instead of Creole, a French nobleman rules instead of the goverment and they grow French wine (red) instead of coffee. There I met curly haired Miguel Montrond, Master of Wines, and he explained the unusual situation: They where originally Hugenottes, kicked out of France by the catholics in the 18th century, including the marquis whose slaves they were more or less (so Miguel said), they settled on Fogo and did since what they had learned to do: speak French und grow French wine. Miguel and I climbed the almost 9000 ft. to the crater, looked into hell, survived the 4 o’clock mini-eruption and the next time I come I have my skiing equipment with me. Because the flank down to the village consists of the finest lava dust you can imagine, better than snow …

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