BUDDHA Interesting People … (No. 5)

Posted by on 29. März 2011
Bamiyan Buddhas

Archeologist Prof. Tarzi in the Bamiyan Valley

In March 2001 the stupid Taliban blew up the two 1000 years old Buddhas in the Bamiyan Valley. They were 180 and 121 feet high, carved out of solid rock and the largest standing Buddhas ever found. When the Muslim fanatics were overthrown, archeologists began to collect what was left (not much) to plan a resurrection. And then Prof. Zemaryalai Tarzi, archeologist from Kabul, moved in, following a century old legend: That there is a third Buddha, buried in the valley’s soil, nearly as large as the two destroyed. When I met Prof. Tarzi, he was sure he has located them – but he hesitates to start digging before the political situation in Afghanistan isn’t more stable. Because he fears the Taliban are just waiting around the corner to blow up this Buddha too. By the way: Tarzi is a Muslim. But he is on the good side …

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