HEROES Interesting People … (No. 33)

Posted by on 1. September 2011
Andreas Reischeks Grab

That's his grave in Linz ...

Andreas Reischek

... and that's him on expedition in New Zealand!

Go to Linz in Austria, visit the St. Barbara Cemetery and contemplate a few minutes at the grave I show you here. What a story lies here! Andreas Reischek (15 September 1845 – 3 April 1902) was a taxidermist, ornithologist, collector, notable for his extensive expeditions throughout New Zealand – and became the only foreigner ever the Maori adopted as chief! After attending school for a few years he had worked as an apprentice to a baker, in 1877 he was chosen to help set up displays at the Canterbury Museum in Christchurch, and when he returned to Austria in 1889 he took with him a collection of over 14,000 items, including many of now extinct species, to be seen mainly in the Natural History Museum in Vienna. Reischek is commemorated in the name of Reischek’s Parakeet, endemic to New Zealand’s Antipodes Islands. I told you it’s a great story …

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