HEROES Interesting People … (No. 17)

Posted by on 23. Januar 2012
Mo Ibrahim

Mister Mo at his own festival ...

I met him by chance, this best Sudanese on earth, and Mo Ibrahim (*1946) asked me, what became of the estate of Leni Riefenstahl and the photos of his countrymen, the Nuba. I told him: „Her widower ist guarding them like the dragon the gold  of King Arthur.“ I was so glad to talk to him und you will understand when I tell you what „The New Yorker“ wrote recemtly: „Each year he sponsors the Ibrahim Prize, which bestows five million dollars on an African leader who is elected to office, promotes democracy, does not steal from the people, and cedes power peacefully … He also created the Ibrahim Index of African Governance, a numerical evaluation of Africa’s fiftythree goverments. If a leader becomes more oppressive and corrupt, or doesn’t invest in education and welcome private investment, his country’s ranking falls. Ibrahim then buys advertisements in all the local newspapers to announce this …“. What great ideas –but the „Ibrahim Prize“ is unfortunately rarely awarded!


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