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CHRISTMAS Interesting People … (No. 10)

Posted by on 9. Dezember 2011
Julio Iglesias

The Christmas Cookie of Julio Iglesias ...

A person of his status and fame normally isn’t very polite. Julio Iglesias is a world celebrity. A millionaire in the three digit region. But he nurses politeness and if you happen to be a friend, you will be showered with the flowers of an excellent education. Look at the picture: That’s one of his regular Christmas and New Year greetings, a small red box with a Fortune Cookie and inside a golden scroll, saying MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR Julio Iglesias“. I ate some of the cookies but kept this one and all the scrolls. As a token of a very long friendship, stemming from the time when Julio was the goalkeeper in the B-Team of the famous Spanish footballclub Real Madrid

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