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ACCESSOIRES In Praise of The Third World (No. 15)

Posted by on 17. Januar 2012
Guatemala Handbag

In this photo you see 75 stay-on-tabs ...

It’s so amazing! To have the idea, to collect the material, to find a way to incorporate it into handicraft and to come up with something so beautiful. It happened in Guatemala, passing a village I detected an old lady selling handbags in various colours – 5 US dollars apiece. Looking closer I saw hat she had woven dozens of stay-on-tabs from beer and softdrink cans into wool threads, all by hand, had it lined with some old but clean cloth, added a fringe and it looked perfect, like done with the best machinery. Just enjoy the bag – and the basic substance, the tab. I think, the ingenuity of the Third World people is a treasure still to by discovered…

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