STARSTYLE In Praise Of … Angelina Jolie (No. 1)

Posted by on 14. März 2011
Angelina Jolie

The ad in „the Namibian“

I discovered this advertisement in „the Namibian“, the daily newspaper of Namibia. Hollywood-star Angelina Jolie with the cast and crew of the filming of „Beyond Borders“ (has anybody seen it?) thanked „the People of Swakopmund and all of Namibia“ for their incredible support „… with all our hearts“, she writes. I can’t think of another actress of this celebrity status who has done such a graceful thing, at least not in Africa. It is so unusual that I cut the advertisement out and kept it – I want to talk it over with Miss Jolie at our next encounter. Because I know now that she is an extraordinary person (and that’s more than sexy and desirable), and this is not very common in Hollywood and other sets …

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