STARS In Praise of … George Montgomery (No. 5)

Posted by on 16. Mai 2011
George Montgomery

That's how we remember him, but ...

I met him once in the entrance hall of the Palm Springs Art Museum. George Montgomery was at this time re-arranging some of his works he had donated to the museum. „I never tried to make money out of my art“, he told me – but this star in scores of ordinary and Western movies could have! He painted, sculptured, made furniture and I guess he even weaved rugs. Montgomery dies in 2000 and now you can see all relicts of his artistic life in a permanent exibition in Palm Springs – very close to the room with the collection of a collegue, William Holden. But he bought what he liked, Montgomery created things with his own hands. „Amazing“, I said to him and he answered: „Well, just filming would have bored me.“ And he was a great actor too, just remember him in „The Texas Ranger“ from 1951.

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