DRINKS If You Ever Come to … (No. 42)

Posted by on 30. Oktober 2011
Pittodrie House

The noble Pittodrie House


... and the Macallan Malt

It’s a wonderful old accomodation in Scotland, this Pittodrie House northwest of Aberdeen (30 minutes by car between Inverurie and Huntly), more a castle than a hotel, in a vast park, furnished by a vanished nobility, and in the bar they serve 96 different brands of Malt Whisky. I never saw more in one place, collecting bottles from the smallest and least known distilleries is the hobby of the owner and then you stand in front of the battery of bottles and don’t know what to order. They will pour you what they think is the best whisky in the world: the 25 year old „Macallan“. Well, I tell you, two finger high cost a fortune (app. 10 Euro or 13 $, maybe more expensive than last month) but the „Macallan“ feels in your mouth like the passionate kiss of a Burmese lover and they, says George Orwell, are the world champions …

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