STREETS If You Ever Come To … Paris (No. 55)

Posted by on 24. Januar 2012
rue Bichat, Paris

Here you find the rue Bichat ...

Pink Flamingo

... and in the „Pink Flamingo“ the best pizza!

Only months ago, hardly anybody knew the rue Bichat. A nice but not very spectacular street, not far from the still romantic Canal Saint Martin. But suddenly the rue is the best kept secret of Paris, the epicentre of the in-crowd. Because in the „Pink Flamingo“ (No. 67, see photo) they serve the best pizza in town (and deliver it bike!), the „Te Salon Newcake“ (No. 36) is a guten free bakery, has the best cheesecake and is the hotspot of the young society, the concept store „Popmarket (No. 50) offers the most interesting items at reasonable prices, and and and! Each house another surprise. Go there, have a look for yourself.

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