RESTAURANTS If You Ever Come To … N. Y. (60)

Posted by on 28. März 2012
Fanelli Cafe

The old wooden entrance from 1853 ...

Fanelli Cafe

... and the antique neon display

I’m always looking for history, especially in places where history is not old by European standard – like in New York City. I’m grateful for any information, concerning amazing circumstances, and the „Fanelli Cafe“, at the corner of Prince and Mercer Streets in SoHo, is such a place. It is said to be the second-oldest continuously operating drinking establishment in New York City – since 1853! A certain Michael Fanelli bought the Cafe in 1922, it was a speakeasy during Prohibition, the Fanellis sold it in 1982 but the style, atmosphere and nostalgic elements never changed. Since 1990 you see the former Serbian heavyweight boxer and bookmaker Bob Bozic at the bar, an unstoppable chatterbox, sometimes molesting guests with his mouthwork („The New Yorker“ called the blabbering respectfully „the Bob Bozik’stories“), more often amusing them with his never-ending anecdotes. The meaning of all of this? Go there, amuse yourself, toast to an amazing piece of Big Apple history …

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