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ANIMALS If You Ever Come To Mauritius (No. 11)

Posted by on 18. März 2011
Mauritius Pigeon

So beautiful, so stupid, so rare ...

It’s a bird which lives only of the island of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean: the pink pidgeon. Just a few are left because the bird is crazy. For centuries it lives in the wild but is so curious that you can call it tame. You make a noise, you show something flashy, you dish out some food – and there it is! In the bush nearby, on the table, even on your hand. The pink pidgeon or „Mauritius dove“ knows no inhibition at all. And becomes prey to everybody, from dogs to cats, cooking pots to souvenir hunters. This rare and beautiful bird ist heavily protected of course, but not enough. The last time I was on the island, I had to go into the interior to find a pinkie. So the next time you fly in don’t just swim and play golf, grant yourself a bird which might be extinct in a couple of years, at least in the wild …

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