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ROYALS If You Ever Come To Madagascar (No. 34)

Posted by on 10. Juli 2011

The palace in Antanarivo ...

Queen of Madagascar

... and Queen Ranavolona

The palace is called Besakana (I show it here) and there is a room to see with a bed on 7 feet high stilts. When the kings and queens of Madagascar (have a look at Ranavolona III., a queen in exile who lived from 1861 to 1917) went to sleep, they used a ladder which they pulled up when they reached the top, and slept on this cosy platform high above their kingdom. Why? There is hardly a monarch (female or male) in the capital of Antananarivo who wasn’t murdered, mostly at night in their sleep. So they constructed this bed on stilts and I strongly advise you to visit it and have a laugh about the hardship of being rulers on this island – well, sometimes they took a lover with them and brooded later in heaven why they were murdered despite the safety in their high bed …

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