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DANGER If You Ever Come To Guatemala (No. 29)

Posted by on 25. Dezember 2011

If you see two people on a motorbike in Guatemala, say „Amen“ fast ...

Only in two countries are more people murdered every year than in Guatemala! And 97 % of all crimes remain unsolved! Forget police, courts, judges, laws, lawyers, parliament, constitution! There some good persons, very few, but they are weak. The country’s name could easily be CORRUPTEMALA. And to get international financial help they introduce „figleaf laws“ – silly demonstrations that they are willing to improve the situation. One of these strange laws forbids to ride a motorbike in two! Because about one third of all murders are committed by the passenger on the backseat! A method well known in Italian Mafia circles and preferred by the killers of the German RAF gang. But no other country banned the backseat ride! Welcome, Guatemala, in the CFN – the Council of Farce Nations …

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