SHIPS If You Ever Come To … Edinburgh (No. 38)

Posted by on 9. August 2011
The Queen's badroom ...

Here slept a queen ...

Prince Philips bedroom

... and here her prince!


HMY „Britannia“ – a museum in Edinburgh

For ages (since 1954) the British Royal family travelled on this steamer – until she became too expansive in 1997 and was made a museum ship in the Ocean Terminal of Leith (Edinburgh). What you should see are the cabins of Queen Elizabeth II., Prince Philip and Prince Charles and Diana. The Queens bedroom – well, there isn’t much of the expected luxury, just a bed ike yours and mine. Philip’s bedroom ? A 90 cm wide (= 3 feet) bed, as it is custom for singles and soldiers like him. I saw one doublebed only, Charles bought it before he went on his honeymoon cruise with Diana in the Mediterranean. Not a very romantic bed, I must say, rather functional – was William the result? The point in visiting the „Britannia“ is to see how the Royal family lived on holiday: „Spießig“ as the German say, „middle class“ might be the term in English, „pailleuse“ in French. The admission fee is 11 pounds or 18 US dollars (January 2012 she is closed for the whole month).

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