BATHROOM If You Ever come To … Dublin (Nr. 33)

Posted by on 24. Juli 2011
Ulysses soap

The „Ulysses“ soap ...


... and the famous novel

The bar of soap is not important in James Joyce‘s epic novel „Ulysses“. But the hero, Leopold Bloom, buys this bar, smelling of lemon, on his long walk though the street of the Irish capital of Dublin, and he does in Sweny’s pharmacy. Maybe you never managed to read „Ulysses“ to the end, many people give up. Or you love the novel (and Ireland) and then you should follow Bloom zu 1, Lincon Place, still the adress of Sweny‘s. It’s windows are full of Joyce memorabilia, it rather looks like a bookshop. But they are so proud of their literary soap. And indeed – they recently decided to sell antiquarian books, Irish only, and to the soap (for 3,50 Euro) you get also marvellous editions of „Ulysses“ (which was published first in 1920).

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