SNACKS If You Ever Come To … Berlin (No. 16)

Posted by on 22. September 2011

When in Berlin, eat Currywurst!

Everybody goes there, day and night. Workers and stars, politicians and tourists. The adress: Kurfürstendamm 195. It’s the legendary open air diner in Berlin with but a few tables and chairs in a corner, some high bistro tables to eat while you stand up and you can also use boards along the walls. Not very comfortable, not chic at all, but crowded. Funny people order champagne to their currywurst (a sliced sausage dipped in a mixed curry and tomato sauce, very spicy!). Business is round the clock, but the wurst is not the event for me – it’s the plates. They have the most wonderful assortment of old and used plates and saucers, more than 500, I think, acquired over 30 years from antiqueshops and junkyards, garage sales and deceased bars. Pure porcelain, often painted, by famous manufacturers and cheap restaurant suppliers. I always wanted to buy one or the other, but they stubbornly refuse. Have a look, it’s fun …

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