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WEATHER I Got A Strange Message … (No. 21)

Posted by on 27. März 2011
Alberta Thermometer

Very cold, not so hot ...

It helps sometimes, but those occasions are rare: If you, for instance, find a thermometer which ends at -10 (it doesn’t matter if F or C) and can climb up zu +120 F or +50 C, then you know you are in the Sahara. Does a thermometer go down to -70 F (or -56 C) and up not more than +90 F (or +32 C), than you are in Alberta (Canada). This thermometer tells its geographical origin clearly: a grizzly bear hunting salmon and the temperatur ranging as I told you. I bought it in Athabasca in a hardware shop with bar whrere they served a cocktail called „Burning Nipple“. I didn’t try it but couln’t resist this thermometer – which is useless at its extremes where I live.

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