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SURVIVAL I Got A Strange Message … (No. 19)

Posted by on 24. Juni 2011
Grizzly Bear

... and now? My friend Volker knows ...

Volker Lapp

The best guide ...

My friend Volker Lapp looks like a men staring through a hedge but he has written the best outdoor guide I know. He just came back from Canada and told me the following story (being the proof that he is a hilarious storyteller too): „Two men encounter a grizzly bear in the winderness. One of the guys throws his boots away, tears sneakers from his rucksack and puts them on. ‘You crazy?‘, says the other guy, ‚you think you are faster than the bear in these shoes?‘ – „No“, says guy no. 1, ‚but faster than you …‘.“ Well, I tell you, the advices in his survival guide are more serious …

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