STREETS I Got a Strange Message … (No. 2)

Posted by on 4. Juni 2011

The accident in Windhoek's „Allgemeine Zeitung“

Somebody sent me a cut-out from the „Allgemeine Zeitung“, the German newspaper in Namibia. Four cars had collided „exactly at high noon“ at the corner of Thorerstraße and Robert Mugabe Avenue in Windhoek. No casualties obviously but a lot of damage and the examplary headline: „Böses Ende nach überhöhter Geschwindigkeit“ – bad end after speeding! The street is named after my grandfather who brought the first caracul sheep from Afghanistan to Namibia and the other street is named after the senile president of Zimbabwe. We Thorers are decent people, Mr. Mugabe is not. Therefor I think it’s his responsibilty if something bad happens at this corner.

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