ANIMALS I Got A Strange Message … (26)

Posted by on 23. Januar 2012




… and the best of this fish is the tongue!

Ricardo is a co-founder of the Brazilian „Greens“ and his wife Lisa is even more green. They live in Manaus now and Lisa tries to avoid in her kitchen (and generally) everything which is not produced by nature. It doesn’t always work (her Espresso machine is Italian!), but then she was told about the secret of the tongue of the Arapaima or Picarucu fish! It is relatively long, about 15 cm or 6 inches and so rough, that the local people use it as sandpaper or a miser to smooth the wood surface. Lisa now has two dried tongues in her kutchen, just in case, and grates vegetables like cabbage and onions and peels potatoes and yam. The Picarucu is a huge catfish, longer as a man and wonderful to eat. It lives in the Amazon river only and I tried to find a photo of the tongue but couldn’t find one. Sorry …


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