CLUBS I Got A Strange Message from Lviv … (22)

Posted by on 9. April 2011
Lemberg Club

That's what we call a „bouncer“ ...

There is an old town in Western Ukrainia, almost in Poland, with a lot of names. They explain the history in one word since this town belonged to a new ruler almost every other 50 years. Germans and Jews called in Lemberg, the Ukrainians say Lwiw, the Poles and Russians changed to Lwow, the Armenians prefer Llov, the Hungarians extended it to Ilyvo, for the Romans it was Leopolis and there are five other names in six additional languages. All in all about 11 names still in use! Culturally it was a rich town, the architecture followed the literatur and the music and therefore you find a stony heritage, ranging from Baroque to Art Deco. The list of important natives would fill five pages of my blog. And since Ukrainia is not a country like any other, you find the „Kriwka“. My friend Hucki sent me the following SMS: „Axel, I tell you, it’s unbelievable! We went to a house in the center, in the hallway was a wooden door, somebody knocked, a soldier in uniform with a Kalashnikov gun opened and shouted: ‚Russian or Jew?‘ I said: ‚German.‘ He asked: ‚Nazi?‘ I said: ‚No.‘ Then he asked for a password, I didn’t know the parole of the day and said: ‚Sex Pistols!‘ He beamed up, hugged me, let me drink from his mug, filled with a vodka-honey mix, opened a secret door and send me a flight of stairs deep down into a ruinous cellar – dark, humid, loud, crowded, narrow. All waiters wore uniforms and food was served in tin bowls. I asked one of them, what the idea is and he answered: ‚Partisans in war!‘ There were beautiful, very erotic and young girls, a lot of Dolf Lundgrens in muscle-shirts, grotesquely painted faces and silhouettes of weapons in pockets. A life-band played Heavy Metal the Ukrainian way. Dangerous? No. Cheap? Bottle of Wodka 20 US dollars or 15 Euro. Fun? Absolutely. Go there, the next time you are in Lemberg!“ I will, Hucki, I will … – and by the way:  „Kriwka“ is just opposite the main entrance of Lemberg’s townhall.

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