TRAVEL I Got A Strange Message … (No. 20)

Posted by on 17. Juni 2011
Tianaman Square

Can you see the 1500 secret agents on Tianamen Square?

It’s the gigantic open area in the center of the Chinese capital. Enclosed by Mao’s Mausoleum, the wall of the Forbidden City, the National Assembly and the National Museum. In measures 800 x 500 m (or 1/2 mile x 1/3 mile) and one million people can gather there easily. But they are not allowed. If they do, they People’s Army would attack. Tiannamen is the biggest man-made square in the world, covered with thousands of paving tiles, and the Chinese say it is „the location with the most secret agents in one spot.“ In history? „Yes“. On the globe? „Yes“. My friend Zhu whispered to me when we looked at Mao’s huge portrait, expecting any minute to be questioned by one of the many uniformed policemen, since fraternisation with foreigners is not permitted. „We know that there is a secret agent on every fifth paving tile.“ My god, that would mean et least 1500 of them round the clock, working in shifts, trying to look innocent, watching everything – I must say, I enjoyed the information (Zhu not). I like it when tough regimes get hysterical

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