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I discovered the most expensive banknote!

Posted by on 7. März 2019

The front …

The offer on eBay

… and the back

YOU DON’T BELIEVE ME? Have a look at the pictures: The front and the back of the 10 Dollar in the paper money of Mongolia! Printed in 1920 in the short-lived dictatorship of the German-Russian nobleman Roman Ungern-von Sternberg, called „The Bloody White Baron“. That’s why the 14 750 banknotes which were produced (only) on simple machines with blocks of rough woodcuts, were called „Barons“. Not even 10 of the 10 Dollar notes have survived, and that’s why a dealer in Los Angeles asks for US$ 200 000 or 176 655 Euros for the only one which has so far not disappeared in any collection (plus a couple of hundred dollars for shipping). I know that there are banknotes of US$ 10 000 or even US$ 100 000, but they are still „real“ money, worth the face value; but the Mongolian money is worthless, just a piece of printed paper – but a extremely rare collectors item. Still, I doubt very much, that the guy in L.A. will be able to sell the piece …

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