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The actor Kae-Kazim ...

Biscuit Mill

… „The Old Biscuit Mill“ ...

Biscuit Mill

… and the logo with address

He is a rising star in Hollywood, born in Nigeria, living in South Africa and he wonderful „Mr. Scott“ in the American TV hit series „Black Sails“: actor Hakeem Kae-Kazim. I met him recently by chance at the airport Zurich and asked him the plainest of all question: What is your favourite spot in Capetown? The answer came like a pistol shot: „The Old Biscuit Mill.“ Oh yes, I thought, I’ve been there. A wild place, hard to describe. It’s a converted bakery of the 19th century, open only Saturday from 9-2 o’clock. A farmers market, an art gallery, a shopping arcade, it has restaurants and bars, snack stands and a lot of permanently performing musicians. Kae-Kawzim said: „I love the relaxed weekend vibe there.“ I do too, and in addition: I hardly now a place where you can mix easier and friendlier with Africans. And the entrance costs nothing. „The Old Biscuit Mill“ is in Woodstock, roughly 10 minutes drive from Capetown city.

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