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HOTELS What Will Become Of The „Raleigh“?

Posted by on 19. März 2014

The garden with the pool ...


… the view from the roof of the „Raleigh“ ...


… Tommy Hilfiger ...


… and his world famous logo

Generally it is okay when a man of taste buys something to do something with it. But must it be a place, I cherished for years? You probably too. Remember the „Raleigh“ on South Beach, the Art Deco center of Miami? One of those precious pastel colored buildings from the 20s, with a large garden, picturebook palm trees and a gigantic pool, corresponding nicely with the Atlantic ocean on the other side of the road. Well, the „Raleigh“ was a bit worn, would have needed a renovation the owners obviously couldn’t finance. Therefore the recent impression of the hotel was a bit shabby. But why not? The „Ralaigh“ had patina, breathed nostalgia and was original, authentic. Noewfashion designer Tommy Hilfiger has bought it.Why? To create a five star private club and posh „Design Hotel“, whatever this is or means. The „Raleigh“, he said, will be the flagship of his new venture „Hilfiger Hospitality“. What does that signal? He can only preserve what the „Raleigh“ already has. But can he renovate without damage? I fear the „Raleigh“ will lose all its charme and become nothing but a luxury affair for the growing crowd of the Nouveau Rich without a proper memory. Therefore I wish Hilfiger all the best, may he be guided by the feelings we old „Ralaigh“ fans are happy to have …

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