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HOTELS Look At The Stupid Emperor …!

Posted by on 23. Februar 2017


Tourists admiring the emperor ...



… and a photo of Wilhelm II

I KNOW, I KNOW, if you inherit a first class hotel and find such a wall deco- ration in the lobby-lounge, you hesitate to destroy it. This one, made of blue tiles (looking like Delft porcelain), might be there an the wall of the legendary and noble „Atlantic“ in the seaport of Hamburg (Germany), in life-size, since the days when the emperor still ruled Germany, which means: before 1918. They kicked him into exile, mainly as the idiot who had started World War I, an amazingly stupid ruler, a ruthless creature who had occupied the throne by far too long. And now, even in 2017, groups of tourists are guided through the lobby and the lounge to admire the emperor there in blue tiles. An antiquity, roughly 100 years old, and since Hamburg is Germany’s most important harbor, Wilhelm II wears a kind of marine uniform. Is there any other hotel on the globe which celebrates a deceased emperor, everybody sneers at? I doubt it …

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