HOTELS Collectors Corner (No. )

Posted by on 4. September 2012

A collectors delight – an old luggage label of the hotel

It’s called „The Waldorf Amnesty Program“ and it was introduced in the hope of retrieving the many goods that have disappeared from the hotel over the years, from silver cutlery to wall decorations. In July 2012 Matt Zolbe, the „Waldorf’s“ marketing director, announced the program on Facebook and Twitter and promised: „I don’t plan on asking a lot of questions, and won’t pursue charges.“ The hotel is especially interested in items taken between 1893, when the „Waldorf“ opened, and 1960. „The New Yorker“ commented: „Just as Greece wants its Elgin Marbles, the ‚Waldorf‘ wants its cocktail forks.“ I didn’t steal and can’t bring back anythying, but I can contribute here a gallery of wonderful luggage labels, spanning a century of the Waldorf history …

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