HOTELS A Wonderful, Lousy Palace …

Posted by on 8. Mai 2017


A lobby for kings and queens ...


My god, what a great guest palace ...!


… and here you'll find Scarborough

THIS HOTEL IS ALMOST UNIQUE IN IT’S SPLENDOUR, this „Britannia Grand“ in Scarborough (East England). It could be one of the greatest hotels on earth – but just read the comments of the 99 % highly disappointed guests! Well, the British never were great hoteliers, without the assistance of their Asian subjects at the high tide of their Empire („Taj Mahal“, „Raffles“, „E & O“). This hotel on home turf was built in 1867, has 316 rooms on 11 floors and, unbelievable as it is, 97 of them are called „Internal“ or „City Rooms“ and have no window!!! And an mazing lot of the other rooms have windows but face either a wall or another (dirty) window!!! But nevertheless, if you got a room with bay view, it’s sheer eye delight. The reception area is grand architecture, and now follow the „buts“, some from my own and my friends experience, some from Tripadvisor comments: 1 Two class breakfast, the one for the cheap rooms hilariously lousy. 2 Beds not made all day. 3 Rarely new towels. 4 Bathroom not cleaned for 48 hours. 5 Seagull shit on the window, the sill and the balcony never cleaned. 6 Horrible smell when you open a window. 7 Furniture seem to have come 50 years ago from a junkyard. 8 Check-in took 55 minutes. 9 Complaints were heard, nodded at but not followed. 10 Floors and room carpets never cleaned (to my knowledge). 11 The noise of the seagulls is deafening – night and day! 12 Never ever eat there, service is as lousy as the food! – The complaints are the same for many years (if not decades), but obviously the owner(s) refuse to invest any money and give a shit about the quality of the management. The question is why, because greed would be a too stupid explanation. I even saw the portfolio of a German photographer who started a project to cover the decay of once great hotels worldwide – and the „Britannia Grand“ was, he said, „the worst I’ve seen so far.“ Result: Wonderful building, splendid public interior, remarkable history – but only guests with steel nerves can stand more than one night! Oh, by the way: Room rates start at  … – no, range for the same room from 41 to 120 Euro/US$, depending on how you book (that’s another very strange thing). Oh, what a shame …!!!


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