Honors For The Red Heroes?

Posted by on 30. April 2018


The 12 Chiefs – on Marshall Islands stamps ...

YOU WON’T SUCCEED, at least not in the USA! There the Red Indians didn’t even have voting rights in most states far into the 70s, and after they got back some of the privileges the Whites had stolen from them, they are still recognized only as a „folkloric element“, heroes of nostalgic novels and movies – just one got his portrait on a coin, almost none can be found on stamps, despite their highly decorative appearances. When I searched the internet, I had to click again and again, and finally I got a hit in a far-away region – the Marshall Islands in the Pacific! They issued 12 stamps for 60 Cents each, nicely assembled in a bloc, and showing the famous chiefs Tecumseh (a Shawnee), Powhatan (a Powhatan), Hiawatha (Mohawk), Dull Knife (Cheyenne), Seqouyah (Cherokee), Sitting Bull, Red Cloud and Crazy Horse (all Sioux), Cochise and Geronimo (both Apache), Chief Joseph (New Peace) and Pontiac (Ottawa). The Islands don’t have the least to do with the celebrated leaders of their tribes, naturally the stamps are issued only for the sake of collectors and their money. But nevertheless – a bad reason, a nice honor!

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