HOLIDAYS Let’s Go Skiing in Lesotho!

Posted by on 24. Januar 2016


One of the skiing slopes in the Maloti Mountains ...


… and here you find Lesotho

HIGHLY ESTEEMED READERS, I AGREE, IT SOUNDS FUNNY, BUT IT ISN’T! This tiny monarchy, the size of Belgium, with no more inhabitants than Bucharest, the capital of Romania, and on all sides surrounded by the Republic of South Africa, offers a winter paradise! You don’t believe it? I didn’t before I saw it. In the Maloti Mountains, in the north of the kingdom of His Majesty LETSIE III., they established an amazing skiing resort (yes, I know, I introduced a North Korean snow resort recently, but Lesotho is even odder …). With two ski lifts, bringing skiers to an altitude of 3030 meters or almost 9100 feet, and then you can choose between two slopes of 2 km (or 1,25 miles) length. They claim in Lesotho that there is no higher developped wintersport region in the world, and that the Maloti Mountains are „snow-safe“. They even imported pre-fabricated lodges from Estonia and now they are able to accommodate up to 350 tourists. And, by the way: A ski pass for one day costs 22.16 Euro or app. US$ 26! The season? Well, autumn is in May and Winter starts in June. How to get there? Fly to Duban and drive to the Maloti Mountains. It’s 271 km or 168,5 miles or 2 1/2 hours. Or you fly and that means 20 minutes in the air. Oh, I almost forgot: The Government has cautiously asked the International Olympic Committee, what they think about giving the next available Winter Games to Lesotho. Decision pending  …

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