GOLF Get Lifted Between Two Holes!

Posted by on 9. Juli 2017

Golfers use this Cable Car between ...


… the holes 11 and 12 ...

IT MIGHT BE WORLDWIDE UNIQUE and I present it to you, because I know, that golfers are collectors of unusual courses. Here I introduce a connection between two holes by – Cable Car! I know there are tees on mountaintops, reachable by helicopter only; boats ship you to island greens; elevators bring you to the next tee on another landscape level. But a cable car, called „Birdie Jet“ seems to be „one only“ and you find in Radstadt (Austria). Just look at the map on the left: You see the green of hole 11, followed by a straight line, ending at the tee of hole 12. That’s the route of the cable car which takes just some seconds, is for free and each cabin holds two players (it’s a shuttle). Well, if you don’t want it, don’t use it. Players in carts avoid it naturally. I didn’t, I wanted to experience the fun. With a fine view. Oh, by the way: The green fee is 79 Euro/US$ (as in July 2017) and the club has a fabulous website (

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