GOLF A Conversation Piece … (No. 45)

Posted by on 5. Juni 2013
Lüderitz Golf

A tee at Lüderitz Golf Club in the Namib Desert ...

Lüderitz Golf

... and the map of Golf in Namibia. Lüderitz is in the extreme south ...

As a golfer I know the situation: Everybody has played all the good golf courses around the world. Talking about a club you think you have discovered, regularly ends in comments like: „Yes, we know!“ or „We totally disagree!“ The 19th hole is full of stories nobody wants to hear. And now listen – I tell you about a golf course only a handful of desperate golfer ever played (well, played…?), a club which does hardly exist, and a location in the middle of nowhere: the LÜDERITZ GOLF CLUB on the western edge of the Namib Desert in Namibia. First I give you the official description.

Designed by: tba („to be announced“, but that’s a joke, there is no architect)

Holes: 2 x 9

Fairway Grass: tba (another joke, there is not a single green particle)

Greens Grass: tba (see Fairway Grass)

Length: 5600 m or ca. 6100 yards

Ladies: tba (well, ladies‘ tees might be possible in the future)

And now I give you the impression, copied from my diary: A short distance from Lüderitz I’m on the moon. A rusty metal plate on the road through the old diamond fields says GOLF, I branch off to the right, and there it is – the worst golf course I’ve ever seen! Not a spot of greenery on the course, just a few scrubs around the tees. Wooden boxes, painted blue, substitute for markers and the greens are oily patches. Holes? Full of sand, blown in by the desert breeze (dig them freebefore putting). No distinguishable fairways, just stretches of desert in the desert. Flagpoles? Without flags (to precious, always stolen, too fragile, always blown off). Roughs = fairways = foregreens = roughs. The 360°-horizon? Dunes. Never a ball lost, always presented freely on baked sand. Distraction? You might see wild horses crossing your way (the only ones in the whole of Africa), from time to time a jackal will try to steal your ball and sometimes the horizon is illustrated by springboks. And, very important: You are not allowed  to pick up strange looking stones – they might be diamonds. You are still in a Retricted Area …

I tell you: It’s great fun to play Lüderitz Golf Club, nevertheless. But don’t come from November to February, the course will be closed due to enormously strong gales from the coast. The 18 holes then disappear into an almost permanent sandstorm. You want to know more? No, that’s enough. Play the beautiful Swakopmund Country Club first and then Lüderitz. And if you are not a masochist play the other way round …

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