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GEOGRAPHY If You Ever Come To … Peru (No. 30)

Posted by on 12. Oktober 2013
Colca Canyon

One of the more romantic stretches of Peru's Colca Canyon ...

Oh, the nations are so jealous! The highest mountain? Can’t be discussed, it’s the Everest! Driest desert? Fight! Most active vulcano? Fight! Longest river? Fight! Widest delta? Fight? Coldest town? Fight! Deepest gorge? Fiercest fight – countries would go to war if they weren’t so far apart! Namibia claims it is her Fish River Canyon, the USA bring the Grand Canyon into play. 10 other nation stake their claims. I tell you:  The winner is one of the humblest nations – Peru! Her Colca Canyon, sometimes wide, sometimes narrow, is twice as deep as the Grand Canyon and the Fish River Canyon. The Colca cuts at its lowest point 2,5 mi or 4 km into the earth! Standing at the edge, you can often just sense the bottom down there under the mist and the shadows and the haze. At some points Colca opens – like a jewelry case – into a wide and beautiful valley (look at the photo). Don‘t forget to visit it the next time you are in Peru …


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